Sunday, 14 September 2014

Paris, You Stole my Heart!

In April 2014, I was able to go on my first trip with my best friend Laura and of course we decided to go to Paris. It was my first proper time there and let me tell you, I was excited as a girl would be when receiving her first Barbie.

Laura came to London over the weekend and oh man, we were proper tourists riding our barcleys bikes and enjoying the days in covent garden eating Five guys (oh yes, proper foodgarsm) and home at mine.

The day is not complete without a mirror celfìe.

On monday we took the train from St. Pancras to Paris and let me tell you, it was so convenient to take the train. After we arrived in Paris at the train station, we were a bit lost and scared as the people looked dodgy but a young man helped us to get on our train to get to our hotel. 

I have one of the most beautiful best friends ∞.

Selfie time :) 

Oh Laduree... you were even better in Paris. 

View from our balcony, it was breathtaking.

Even better than Laduree, if I could, I would marry Hermé. 

Yep, I was checking out Anna from Vivianna does Makeup :) how could I not? 

Do you see now why I want to marry Pierre Hermé? 

It was a beautiful holiday and I can't wait to go back there, it is a magical place where I feel like home. I miss you, Paris but I am sure I will see you soon ;) 



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