Saturday, 20 September 2014

Holiday Makeup Bag: Part 2

This is the second part to my "What's in my Travel Makeup Bag" and is all about my Brow, Eye and Lip products. Most of those goodies are my makeup staples that I use everyday or for special occasions. Let's get into this!

First up are all my brow/eye pencils or liners that I have taken with me. My ultimate new discovery turned into a favorite, that I could not resist leaving at home. It's the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the color Medium Brown. It is the perfect match for my bushy brows, an ashy brown tone that sits beautifully on the brows, which you can hardly detect (Win Win for brow lovers)! It has a small waxy nib, which creates the most controlled strokes for a natural brow. A clear winner for me.

Moving on, I bought with me 3 different eyeliners. The Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Nr. 83 was discovered whilst searching through my friends makeup bags; a hobby of mine that happens too often! It has a beautifully pigmented medium nip that has a creamy texture. The reason why every girl with hazel or brown eyes should own it, is simply because it is an alternative for a standard black eyeliner as it is a dark violet color with a slight hint of shimmer, which leaves your eyes look truly mind-blowing.

Next up is my Charlotte Tilbury Rock `N` Kohl in Bedroom Black. It is a creamy pencil eyeliner that turns into a budge-proof liner. A rocker for girls who cannot leave the house without a classic feline flick.

Last but not least is the L'Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster, simply the best and fool-proof drugstore liquid eyeliner that I have owned and used. I can say this after I have noticed the decrease amount of cotton buts, that I have to use to make it somehow presentable! Every eyeliner-winged girl will understand.

Even though I took with me my new brow pencil, I still couldn't resist taking my trustworthy brow powder called MAC Brow Due in Brunette. Don't let the sunny picture fool you, both of the shades are ashy and perfect for using on their own or mixing them together. Personally, I use the lighter shade when I want a "no makeup" brow and the darker shade, if I want to make a statement. You can use this powder duo even if you have blonde hair, my best friend does! Also, they are brilliant as   eyeshadows. I use the two shades to define my crease to create a depth and you can find them individually at any MAC counter, a multipurpose product... I love it.

Let's talk about eyeshadows. As you may know, I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury and if I could only name three all rounder brands, she would be one of them. This palette is The Dolce Vita Luxury Palette. Firstly, her packaging is beyond beautiful and secondly, she makes all her makeup very easy to apply. It contains a light prime shade all over the lid, a enhance shade for the crease, and  darker smoke shade for further defining and a glittery pop shade that is pigmented as you could you not imagine. A luxury palette that feels like luxury.

Returning back to MAC, is their Pigmented Color Powder in the shade Copper. It is a beautiful reddish color and would be the only eyeshadow I would keep for the rest of my life. You can tell I have a rather weird attachment to this pigment.

Now, let me tell you that Maybelline New York produces the best Drugstore Mascara's, if not the best Mascara's out there in the Beauty Industry. The one I am talking about now, is the Pumped Up! Colossal Volum' Express Mascara. I am not sure if it is available in the UK, but this stuff is amazing! All I can say is that it's made out of different length bristles and YOU need to TRY this Mascara!

Lastly, those are all the lip products I took with me. Surprised? Well you will find out in the future; if you follow this journey with me, which I hope you will, that I am not a lip product girl. The only problem that I have with my lips are that they are dry and need constant nourishment. The Eucerin Acute Lip Balm can be found in any Pharmacy and is my baby especially during winter months. A true Life saver! My everyday lip balm is by Blistex Lip Tone, a nourishing balm that has a hint of color that will look stunning on any lips. Sadly it is not available in the UK as far as I know, but there might be a giveaway sooner or later as this product deserves a standing ovation! ;)

Have a lovely weekend and stay tuned for a new post coming soon.


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