Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Weekend Getaway

First of all, let me apologize! I'm SORRY! I know, I have been naughty and haven't posted something in almost two weeks.

My internet got installed two days ago, moving flats and changing my course and university, it has been a crazy week for me and therefore there has been no time for blogging. However, this will all change now, as I have settled down.. I am ready to give my blog (my baby) much love and nourishment.!

Let me show you what I got up to the last weekend in Germany with my family, before I flew on Monday (29th) back to London to start a new year.

It all started with my dad picking me up on Friday with my Grandma and drive to Bad Saarow, a little town, which is 70 km away from central Berlin. For comparison, imagine this little relaxing town as with Manhattan and the Hampton's, obviously less luxurious but you get the point. :)

A lot of Snapchats have been taken, so be ready for some iconic comments. 

We stayed at the Arosa Hotel Scharm├╝tzelsee, one of the best hotels to stay in for a relaxing getaway. I can only recommend this hotel, it is expensive but worth it with all the Spa and Sports facilities that they offer and the service you receive is excellent. 

And by the time I went to my room, the sun has decided to come out, presenting this beautiful place in a better light. I would love living here when I grow older, a perfect environment to be surrounded with when trying to escape the big city life. 

The view from my balcony was breathtaking, so much green that I rarely see in London, nowadays. The air was fresh and crispy, just as it was when I grew up next to a forrest when I was a little kid. A memory recall every time I inhaled this fresh air. 

There was no time left until the whole family arrived and we went for dinner, which ended up with us sitting outside at a camp fire and toasting marshmallows. A perfect ending to a friday night.

Saturday morning started with  breakfast and a stroll to the see, where we planned some activities for my brothers and cousins.

But in the end, my dad decided to give this a go too. He was pretty good at it! :) 

My cousin's daughter is the sweetest girl on earth, being only 11 months old. Her name is Sonja and in Russian it means Sunshine and she was truly the sunshine this weekend. Like in this world, she already had the Selfie face game on point. ;)

This was followed by a boats tour through the Schmarm├╝tzelsee. It was so relaxing and fun, spending time with family is not as bad as I thought :) If you will ever go there or live somewhere close to Bad Saarow, please rent a boat and take a ride, it was unbelievable beautiful.

My love and life, the only true friend: My grandmother 

My older brother looks dashing! 

My dad and my younger brother - a true monkey 

After the boat tour, we had a quick lunch and went back to the hotel. 

Saturday night, my friends were kind enough to pick me up and drive back to Berlin for one last time before I went back to London. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday and expect more to come soon. :) 


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