Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cheeky Space NK. Trip

Hello everybody,

today's post will be short but sweet :) You know that feeling, walking after gym to the bus stop, and every time you walk you see Space NK. pop out of the corner. No? Well, that's the case for me.

The Space N.K. store on Westbourne Grove is like the Chanel store on Sloane Street for a bag-obsessed person (Fact: I am too); a paradise that can be said to be my holy grail shop. Friends... if you read this, you know what to buy me for my next birthday! ;)

Moving on, let's get into this mini haul, and I say mini as it only features two products I had an eye on for quite some time.

First up, Nars blush in Liberté.

Now let me tell you, I am not blush hauler, I rarely buy blushers as they do not appeal to me and I am happy with my tiny blush collection that somehow looks like the colors barely differ.

However, from time to time I crave for a new pop of color and that was Liberté by Nars. Described as a burnished apricot, this 22,50 pound blush is beautifully pigmented and especially amazing on pale skin during the winter months.

 The second product that I purchased was my first Becca item. Hopefully, an exiting start to a long loyalty towards the brand.

It's the Blotting Powder Perfector, a fine powder that promises to matify the skin without adding any color or texture. I will report back once I have tried out this for long enough, but my first experience was great! It retails at 29 pounds.

You can purchase the products on the Space NK. website: http://uk.spacenk.com/women/

Mini Haul Over and Out. 

Enjoy your Tuesday, only 3 more days to go.  


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