Friday, 29 May 2015

My Weekend in Amsterdam - Part 1

I loved every minute of being in Amsterdam - no scratch that - every single second. It was a city where I felt at home; comfortable and happy.
I usually have a resting "bitch" face, but in Amsterdam I was smiling and goofing around like a little kid.

On Friday night Laura and I arrived in Amsterdam and went straight to our apartment that we rented through Airbnb. We changed quickly and went out to explore the city with our naked faces - no need for you to see that, those blue bags under my eyes are defiantly not sexy.

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On Saturday we slept till 11 - please blame Laura for this - and got ready. Of course I insisted on taking outfit pictures because duh! I am such a fashionista (not).

Laura looked amazing in her Zara black coat and her vintage top. She is defiantly more into fashion than I am (side note: I love bags and shoes.. but I really love Makeup; Can't make up my mind - like always)

As we finished our little foot shooting, we went out and explored Amsterdam. First up and my favourite part of Amsterdam is the Jordaan area - I am in love. They have those 9 little streets where you can buy such cool things. Little boutique and designer stores with lot's of coffee places where you can sit outside and pretend you are fancy - which I always do! 

 We walked endlessly around, from the 9 streets up to De Bijenkorf, down through Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat (shopping streets - so many shoe shops; are people obsessed with shoes there? I wouldn't mind!), where we also found a flower market.
 Selfie is a must for us, I have so many of us, it took me hours to choose the best one but no we are not selfie addicts, we go through stages - I think it has something to do with seasonal changes as well as holidays.

 Also, I couldn't resist buying those beautiful babies over there. I got a bit sick of my nikes so decided it was time to get some shoes that look like bowling shoes - perfect at least I don't need to change when I will actually make it to a bowling place.
We had an amazing Saturday in Amsterdam, walked for hours and just so you know - we are still ourselves; Granny's at heart. We went to bed at 8pm, yes that's how domestic we have become even though I am 21 and Laura is 19 - I guess this is a new trend (people... follow us!) 


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